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'Why Objectivity Is Key'
Tuesday, June 24th by Amanda

Jeff Bernoff from the blog Groundswell loves data. But he claims data isn't the whole story and that said, if you start and end with data alone, you will go wrong. In this entry, Jeff speaks about how we must provide analysis—alongside, driving or surrounding the data we present--which helps creates the basis for intelligent decision-making.

Wednesday, August 6th by Mark
Darren Herman wrote a blog about how data is necessary if you want to be successful in reaching your target audience. Also, be sure to read his former post to get a better background of the issue.
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Thursday, August 14th by Mark
Al-Jazirah, a Saudi daily newspaper, just became the first Middle Eastern publication to be audited. The decision was described as "a significant step in [Al-Jazirah’s] history." Read more about the publication and why it chose media auditing.
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Thursday, April 9th by Buy Safe Media Supporter News
With the constraints of the economic downturn, more and more media buyers are turning to the digital realm. American Business Media forecasts that the recession could force print advertising revenue in the b-to-b space down 19 to 22% in 2009, while digital could grow 9 to 11%. This trend is despite the fact that, according to a recent study by media consultancy McPheters & Company, 63% of banner ads are not seen, only 37% of Internet ads registered with viewers and those viewers stopped on slightly less than a third.
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Thursday, December 10th by Ekaterina
BPA Interactive to Provide Real-Time Data to Publishers Via Widget
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Friday, April 9th by Ekaterina
In the January 2010 issue of EXPO Magazine, Dan Cole, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for the Consumer Electronic Association, said in his Sales Q & A column that if an exhibitor is “not sufficiently disturbed by a problem” they will not “act in order to solve their pain.” He went on to say that not only does there need to be “enough pain,” there also needs to be a solution to that pain.
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Friday, May 7th by Ekaterina
A company’s trade show exhibit is a marketing opportunity - the chance to make a quick impression on buyers and convince them to come to the booth and is a vital part of an effective, integrated marketing effort. But since the chance to grab a potential customer’s attention passes quickly for an exhibitor (three seconds is all you get), the right booth design is critical.
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Friday, May 21st by Ekaterina
The findings of an ANA (Association of National Advertisers) survey revealed most brands are currently more focused on their own rational/functional benefits versus the emotional benefits.
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Monday, June 28th by Ekaterina
ANA study finds most marketers not measuring sponsorship and event marketing.
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Tuesday, August 31st by Ekaterina
A web seminar by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) – "B2B Branding: The Power of the Under-Promise" – will describe a three-step research- and process-driven approach to creating breakthrough B2B brands.
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