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Wednesday, October 21st by Ekaterina
A recent dive into SRDS data— one of the largest and most comprehensive database of media rates and information in the world, cataloging more than 100,000 US and international media properties—indicates this may well be the case. Using SRDS to track the last two years of unaudited listings (as of June 30) for both business and consumer, the results show that in 2008, there were 391 dropped from a base of 4,792—a total of 8.2%. In 2009, 538 dropped from a base of 4,730—a total of 11.4%. Meanwhile, BPA Worldwide reports 2008 and 2009 attrition due to ceasing was 3.1% and 4.9% respectively. It should be noted that some of the listings may have dropped out of SRDS for a reason other than ceasing, so this is an approximation. But even though the SRDS numbers have some wiggle room, it does look like unaudited titles cease at a higher rate than audited.
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