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Thursday, October 2nd by Jen
Itís almost media planning time! Are you ready?

Planning an effective media strategy is a fundamental part of giving your campaign the best chance of success. Without deliberate planning, you risk a lot of wasted time, effort and money.

Our advice? Research!

Research your audience. Research media circulation. Research costs. Think about who youíre trying to reach and whatís the best way to get their attention. If itís through traditional media like magazine advertising and newspapers, make sure you know who receives each publication.

How can you be sure of circulation? Ask for a third-party media audit. If they donít have one, then strongly consider placing your ad elsewhere. You want to make sure your investment is informed and verifiable circulation data is a great way to do it.

Internet advertising used to be trickier for accountability. But as of early September, BPA Worldwide, with Nielsen Online, will bundle enhanced website traffic measurement with all print and event audits. If the website youíre interested in isnít audited yet, you can ask for other metrics and hope for the best. Radio and television can very effective, yet expensive. Also consider the wide audience that tunes in to each program. Is your message for a broad spectrum or a niche group?

With research comes educated decisions and accountability. You can rest in knowing that you have a solid explanation for your marketing choices. Measurement is a hot topic that will likely stick around and a well-researched media plan can CYA when ROI data rolls in.

Happy media planning!

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