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Tuesday, September 2nd by Jen

If you already buy audited media, youíll probably agree that itís the best choice for measurement, accountability and assurance reasons. You feel good about investing your money in a media outlet with an identifiable, verifiable audience for your companyís messaging. But are there times when itís acceptable to buy from unaudited publications?

The short answer: sometimes. And while there is still considerable financial risk in not being able to verify who sees your ads, there are times when the risk may be (dare we say) worth it. To be sure, these times are few, but we will concede there are rare occasions.

For example, in the case when there is only one title reaching your specific demographic, you may need to buy from that publication. Black and white views about professional accountability wonít do you many favours if no one from your target audience sees your ad. In the meantime, be on the lookout for new industry media that can better protect your investment.

Also, if a publication is just getting off the ground and building its circulation, they might not be able to provide the data required for an audit. In those situations, allow for a year and then re-evaluate your purchases based on their decision to audit or not. And donít be shy about asking the publisher about the status of that first audit! Of course the best situation is to stick with media that offers you independently verified circulation data to help you make the most of your ad budget.

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