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Wednesday, August 20th by Mike
Maximizing content with new models and technologies

Business-to-business media companies are looking at the current economy as a deadly serious issue. Indeed, the economy and advertising revenues are in a state of flux. But the real issue, as American Business Media sees it, is the transition of the business. Companies today are faced with three major pain points:

  1. How to maximize their content in a variety of new models and be able to monetize it
  2. How to be aware of the new technologies which will catapult the industry into the latest products, serving end users and saving money
  3. Perhaps most critically, is a hard look at our organizational structure and what we must do to transition our industry in its editorial products, its approach to sales, its approach to audience development, custom publishing, business information and much more

At ABM, we believe the future lies in streaming video, for both expedited content to the end user and for advertising revenue. It is for this reason ABM has created two streaming video categories for its annual Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Awards as well as streaming video categories for its Creative Excellence in Business Advertising (CEBA) Awards.

ABM is fostering leadership in order to ease the transition not only for our members, but for any and all business information companies in the space. We are here to help.

Itís why ABM is a supporter of BuySafeMedia. Accurate audience measurement might be harder in a digital world, but it is no less important.

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