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Monday, July 7th by Jen
ANA survey confirms marketing industryís need for accountability
ANA finds metrics, accountability work in progress, discusses the findings of a survey that was just released by the Association of National Advertising (ANA) and Marketing Management Analytics (MMA). After interviewing 128 senior-level marketers, the survey shows that marketers are under pressure from top management to make marketing operations more accountable.

While the survey found that both financial and marketing divisions are working together to solve the problem, the industry still lacks a common metric for judging ROI and quantifying how marketing contributes to the bottom line. The conclusion was that there is no conclusion; more work needs to be done in the area of accountability and measurement.

Two things stand out as pertinent to the Buy Safe Media campaign. First, accountability in advertising is an ever-increasing priority. Media buyers need assurance that the money they spend is going where itís supposed to. CEOs are demanding answers. They need verifiable metrics.

Second, the industry needs a standardized measurement system. This has always been tricky in advertising and itís time it was made easier. Measuring return on investment is hard to do when each company has their own way of quantifying success or failure. Again, it comes back to accountability. How else can marketers approach company executives and shareholders with any real, meaningful data?

Hereís the big question: What are media owners doing to be more accountable to media buyers? There is, of course, media auditing. But for those that donít think auditing is necessary, what steps are you taking to be a responsible media seller?

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